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templeeternity's Journal

Temple of Eternity
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I just want to welcome everyone and tell you a little about what this community is about. I ran a website for a couple of years called the Temple of Eternity, a Wiccan site devoted mostly to Isis. Well one of the features that I had was a place - I called it the Altar, where people could submit prayers to Isis or any diety that they wanted to. I had a really good response to this. Unfortunately, I decided several monthes ago that I could no longer give the Temple the attention it deserved so I closed it down. However I have come to realise that I really miss the Altar so I have reincarnated it here. Please feel free to leave a prayer, petition, devotion, or whatever and to whomever you wish. I'm pretty flexable and not a big fan of rules except this one: Respect for other is mandatory and I have a zero tolerance policy in regards to this. If you disrespect someone you're out and will stay out unless you can give me a really good reason why you should be allowed to continue to participate. I wanted everyone to have fun and feel free to express themselves. So this community will be what you the members make it.

A note about plagerism: I don't mind if you post something created by someone else but please give them the credit they deserve.